Sectional warping brand KARL MAYER type ROB 220

working width mm.2200 – conic angle 1/8 – Y.o.C. 2001

(full computerized by ROBOT cutting and stop/go system)

pressing rollers (flanges maximum allowed mm 1200)

orignal creels by KARL MAYER capacity of cones total nr° 512

inverter drive panel control with PLC system

(full computerizzed and equipped of elettronic/pneumatic brake regulation)

Automatic sectional warpers guarantee high productivity and flexibility

Especially customers operating in the high-fashion textile industry such as for the production of fabrics for suits, shirts and upholstery, appreciate the advantages of our KARL MAYER automatic sectional warpers. A laser-controlled band build-up system provides identical band circumferences and section-carrier trolley feeds without correction stops. An automatic leasing function (freely selectable) – with up to seven size separations – guarantees a wide range of applications. The end uses are almost unlimited because the machine has a large number of creel systems which are equipped with yarn tensioners suitable for all yarn types.

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